Balch Lake Association’s Officers BLIMP Meeting

June 3, 2017

The meeting was called to order at 9:02 a.m. Ten associations were represented – Balch Hill Rd., Jennifer Lane, Lakewood Drive, the Ridge, Shady Nook, Shepard Island, Walden, Wise Cove, Ba-Lak, and Wyman Point.

Welcome and Introductions

+ BLIMP introductions were done for Don Pierce, president, Nick Stadtfeld, vp operations, Lee Willson, board of advisors, Kathy Pierce, Michael Kattman, treasurer, Dennis Racine, advisor and DASH boat guru, Rich Rhode, webmaster, and Cindy Matuszewski, secretary. While there were new members at the meeting (but not new to the lake) a round of the association officers introduction were made.

+ This meeting was the fifth annual lake wide officers meeting. Previously BLIMP attempted to reach each individual around the lake. Having had the association’s officers directly involved with the BLIMP crew has paid great dividends -- More effective and direct communication with the lakers regarding the challenges of dealing with the milfoil issue, and the steady improving camp contribution numbers over the five years. The association’s officers contribution to those results were recognized.

BLIMP’s Financial Condition

+ Michael Kattman presented the financials and noted first that camp contributions were up $10k from the previous year. During 2016 several individuals contributed $1k or more. The income outlook for 2017 looks strong, and forecasted expenses are in line with previous years.

+ The three surrounding towns contributed for the 4th consecutive year and the states of Maine and New Hampshire approved grants that provide financial assistance for the chemical treatment, our plant management program, and courtesy boat inspections.

+ A schedule of individual contributions was provided and Michael asked the attendees for their help in identifying associations for those people that made contributions but did not include their association.

+ It was noted that with the fund raising for the marina, BLIMP contributions were still strong.

+ It was also noted that the states’ grant awards, and the towns’ financial assistance is not guaranteed year to year, and quite possibly may not happen in the future.

Early Read on Milfoil and Diver/DASH boat operations

+ The divers started on May 17th and began their work at the dam as in years past. As they complete an area they move ‘up’ the lake to the NH water body. As of the meeting date they were past Stoddard narrows. They will complete their first session of work on June 18th and will return to the lake Labor Day weekend and work to the Columbus Day holiday.

+ As reported last year the dive operation must now comply with OSHA rules. One of which requires real time verbal communication between the diver and DASH boat crew. This has been embraced by the diver and crew as it allows for more effective coordination between staff and movement of the DASH boat. Having a second person on board the DASH boat has been a continuing challenge.

+ The herbicide treatment is scheduled for June 14. New Hampshire DES has recommended that only 5 acres be treated this year as other infestations can be best handled by the DASH boat crew. People on or near the treated areas should plan to stay out of the water for two days. Areas to be treated include Walden and Jennifer Lane.

+ Plant pulls in pounds has been declining for the past few years. The belief is due to effective use of chemicals and diver/DASH that the plants are smaller year to year.

BLIMP Crew Replacements

+ This Labor Day weekend Don will be stepping aside as president. He will finish year end reporting as required by Maine and NH and intends to stay on in an advisory capacity. Nick is intending to do the same. Finding candidates to fill these positions is a lake wide, collective responsibility. The BLIMP crew does not believe it is solely responsible for developing candidate replacements.

+ This is a perfect time for people to come forward as the lake is in good condition and under effective management, the financial condition is excellent, and Don and Nick are committed to future participation. Having people come forward now will allow a seamless transition.

+ Discussions ensued regarding some of the details of each position and each attendee was provided with position descriptions.

+ It was suggested that should no one step forward by mid-August that we should convene another officers meeting. Don will coordinate that meeting should it be needed.

Net Cleaning Schedule

Nancy Charest provided an update and will advise each association of their schedule.

She noted that a Jon boat (with garbage bags) is available for use by the cleaners and identified its location. Also that everything should be taken off the net.


+ Each association was encouraged to send folks out to mark milfoil locations as it saves overall diver time and expense. No marking should take place during the time the divers are not here.

+ No yard sale/auction or metal drive this year to allow inventories to build.

+ A golf tournament will be held on August 12th to benefit BLIMP. Details to follow.

+ Because BLIMP is kind of central to all associations certain suggestions, observations (and yes, complaints) come BLIMPS way. More and more are coming from frustrated lake front owners regarding the damage that wake boats are doing. Examples of personal property and shoreline damage were cited. The attendees were encouraged to pass this along to their members. It was noted that people have the right to buy whatever boat they want, but they don’t have the right to damage other people’s property.

+ A loon nesting site was noted to not have signage indicating that. Tom Eichman agreed to follow up.

Any questions, comments or clarifications may be sent to Cindy or Don.